The Answer to Understanding Your Asset Repair Status

Achieve Superior Performance in the repair cycle of your assets.
Having the ability to track, trace, and monitor throughout the
whole process anywhere and anytime.

CAP is an online portal that provides the tools YOU
need to manage YOUR assets in a SINGLE SYSTEM.

Save time and money managing your assets with Applied Industrial Distribution

The Advantages of


3 Key Benefits


Built with your
feedback, addressing
your pain points


Live and up to date
status updates


Allowing you to make
better decisions
for your business

How Does




View all of your asset information in a single spot, including up to date progress, status, and timelines for repairs., Also included is the historical information and a detailed overview of your entire repair program with Applied Industrial Technologies. The dashboard continually updates providing a wide range of metrics and KPIs for informed decision making.



Applied ensures each asset is uniquely identified as you send it in to be repaired. This allows for you to specifically track and trace each repair. If the same asset is repaired multiple times over you will be able to monitor and compare what has been repaired as well as what improvements are recommended to reduce times between failure, improving productivity.

Work Orders

Each item you bring in and repaired is also assigned a unique work order number, allowing for all the specific information that occurs in that repair to be capture. From the associate who handled the repair, to the SKU and brand of parts used to bring your asset back to like new condition.


• Company Contacts
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• Quotations
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• All this and more!