At Applied Industrial Technologies:

Environment, Health and Safety activities are an integral part of our daily work.
Every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure our workplace is safe.
All workplace injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.
We set the standard for performance, ensuring safe working behaviour and conditions are always observed.
Working safely is the responsibility of all Applied Canada associates and a condition of employment.

At Applied Industrial Technologies our belief is that through the mutual cooperation and commitment of all associates as well as clients, we can achieve superior performance in health and safety.

An integral part of our EHS Management System is to ensure that Canadian associates are active participants in the evolution of our program through elected Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees, training and educational opportunities, and an interactive and inclusive safety culture.

We strive to ensure that our operations promote safe and healthy work practices and procedures that will continually improve our safety performance while minimizing our impact on the environment. To facilitate this evolution we continuously evaluate our EHS Management System and perform annual audits to develop and improve policies, programs and our safety forward culture. Some of the key actions tied to continuous improvement in EHS include:

Leadership for Safety Excellence training for management
Membership with Partnerships in Injury Reduction
Compliant member of Avetta, ISNetWorld, Cognibox, ComplyWorks