Are you concerned about increasing inventory levels and the associated obsolescence costs? Do you want to have greater visibility across the supply chain?

Are you looking to reduce your working capital?

Then Applied is the partner for you. We can help you optimize your inventory levels without increasing operational risk.

We can provide you with access to inventory within Applied’s network as well as some of our most important manufacturing partners giving your teams the comfort and knowledge that the inventory you need is readily available when required. Contact one of Applied’s Strategic Account business advisory team to learn more.

• Consignment Inventory
• Committed Inventory
• RFID Technologies
• Storeroom Management
• Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
• Vending Technologies

• Enhanced inventory visibility
• Stock out risk minimization
• Reduced working capital
• Improved asset management & control
• Cost center tracking
• Better spend control
• Reduced obsolescence & shrinkage